Food Memories

What creates the powerful connection we have with food?  What makes us say “Oh man!  That was the best _____ I ever had!”  Was it really the food on our plates?  Was it the people we were with?  Our surroundings? Perhaps it was a combination of all of it! Like every great recipe, a great memory has many ingredients!

For me, the smell of fresh bread brings back memories.  Growing up, my mom would bake bread every few weeks. (She made her own pizza dough too, but that’s a post for another day!)  She’d bake all day and what we didn’t use right away went into the freezer for later.  When it was still warm she’d flip the loaf out of the pan and tap the bottom to see if it was done. If I was good (or so she could get me to be quiet for a while, I’m not sure which) I could have a piece of the heel from one of the loaves.  It was always smothered with butter and I thought it was an extra special treat.  The rich salty taste of the butter mingled with the warm yeasty taste of the bread was the best flavor in the world.  Mmmm!  Those were good times.  Those were great memories!  That was some amazing bread!  I felt safe.  I felt loved.  I was full and happy.  Would this memory be as special without one of those ingredients?  I don’t think so.  To this day, the smell of fresh bread from the oven reminds me of my Mom.  That’s my special food memory.  What’s yours?

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