2011 – The Year in Review!

Happy New Year Foodie Friends!

It was barely five months ago when I thought it would be fun to start a food blog. What better way to channel my passion for food, than to write about it and share with my friends? I was always (still am!) taking and posting pictures of the things I cook, bake and eat! Going to different classes, I’ve learned new cooking skills, recipes and techniques! I love taking cooking classes!!! Thank goodness for my friend Marie! She is a Food Enabler! Anything related to local cooking classes she researches, we save our pennies and GO FOR IT! Here she is, my FFF (Favorite Foodie Friend!) with her daughter Lacee! I know she’s going to yell at me for this picture but I think it’s adorable! Guess what? It was taken at a cooking class! Go figure!
Back to the blog, I didn’t know, but I thought a few people might like to read about my cooking adventures and I wanted to share my experiences trying the things I learned in classes, at home. It wasn’t going to be perfect (hence the name of the blog), but I wanted it to be fun! I never would have imagined I’d have 20+ Word Press followers, 68+ followers on Twitter and over 300 fans on Facebook! I am humbled beyond words. Well, not beyond words because then I wouldn’t be a blogger would I? 🙂 But I am very thankful and mindful of how incredibly blessed I am to be fortunate enough to share with so many wonderful people! I’m weird, but I get excited over every new “follower” and “like!” You all make me smile every single day! It’s been fun getting to know some of the wonderful Food bloggers out there too! Now THOSE people can cook! Whew!

Looking back, here are the links to my favorite posts from the last few months!
Root Beer Float Cookies! No photos – which means, oh darn – I have to make them again, if only to show you how delicious they are! This time, I’ll make them into Ice Cream Sandwiches. I love this post because it was the first time I ordered an ingredient online. We won’t discuss how often I’ve done it since then… 😉

Focaccia Bread!!
One of the best things I learned all year! Bread in 30 minutes!! This is from a cooking class and I fell in love right away!

PBK Brownies! These were my favorite bowling snacks AND my first and only guest post on someone else’s blog. It was exciting to be on Feature Friday from Melissa Strauss’ “Kitchen Tested” Blog! I think I screamed in excitement when I got her Email!

Who could forget my bucket list and MEETING GUY FIERI!! He called me “Red!” Squeeee! Want to hear something funny about this? Back in August, we went to Guy’s restaurant “Johnny Garlic’s” and I wrote on the tablecloth that I was going to meet him someday. (It’s ok, they encourage you to write on the tablecloths there! I’m not some random person who goes around writing on tablecloths!) Who would EVER have guessed I’d actually meet him two months later?

This year I was also blessed enough to meet Chef Jyll Everman (and take a cooking class from her!)
Chef Amanda Cushman (and take a cooking class from her!)
Chef Chris Cosentino (and eat his food!)
and Chef Frank Ostini (and eat his food!)

I learned to make cheese! (Thank you Chef Jeremy!)
I got a signed cookbook from Laura Werlin on how to make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!
My picture of “Cheese, Glorious Cheese!” has been re-pinned countless times on Pintrest! I can get pretty cheesy on this blog too… Perhaps I should call 2011 “The Year of Cheese?”

I felt the most creative with these Melted Snowman Cookies! They make me smile every time I look at them.

Finally, the post with the most views all year!! I think it was just plain luck on my part that the entire Internet was looking for these goodies with search engine terms that matched my blog post. My Santa Hat Brownie Bites have gotten 630 views so far! That’s mind-blowing! I hope you liked them too!

Since New Years is a time for Resolutions, in 2012, I resolve to create a wonderful space with more food, more recipes, more photos, more classes and best of all, more fun!! I hope you will continue to join me on this adventure! Thank you ALL for your love and support over the last five months. Together, let’s make 2012 a delicious year!

All my love,


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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 21, 2012

    Steve showed me your blog yesterday…love it! And Happy Birthday!!

  2. I totally want to see your Root Beer Float cookies! And I think I’m going to try to make your focaccia some time this year (since you promise that it’s easy to do…). 🙂

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