Coming Soon! A Blog a Week!

It’s been nearly two weeks since the New Year began. It doesn’t seem like anything “new” happened other than the calendar turned a page. Work has been crazy busy so I didn’t do much celebrating. I have given some thought to what I’d like to do with my blog though! First, I’ll be posting a new recipe every week for a year starting at the end of the month. These recipes will be ones are new to my kitchen. i.e. I’ve never made them before! The majority of the recipes will be taken from these four cookbooks:
Julia Child’s “Mastering The Art of French Cooking”

I marked some of the recipes I want to try! Anyone else do that?

Tyler Florence’s “Real Kitchen”

Accidentally autographed! Story about that later! 🙂

“Guy Fieri Food! Cookin’ It,Livin’ It, Lovin’ It!”

And finally, “The Williams Sonoma Cookbook”

Also tagged! I am FULL of ideas!

Why these cookbooks? Well, they offer a bit of everything. They all have appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes and desserts. I don’t want to get bored! Each has a variety of techniques that will help me grow as a home chef. There is still so much I want to learn! Plus, I love the idea that at the end of the year, I’ll have 52 new dishes to shake up our regular weekly repertoire! Actually, it’s just an excuse to FINALLY crack open these books and get cooking! Shhhhh! Don’t tell! 🙂 Occasionally, I’ll be sharing recipes from other folks too. There are some exceptionally talented people out there!! I’m looking forward to passing along their favorite recipes and their expertise!

There will be other changes through the course of the year. There will be formatting changes to the style of my blog, maybe even my own design? You will see guest posts from fellow bloggers! I’ll be sharing my cooking classes with you. There will be more of our regular family favorites and more Food Memory posts too.

But first things first! What do you say my foodie friends? Will you join me for a year of new recipes? I hope so!

Much Love and Happy Belated New Year!


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  1. You better believe I’ll be joining you! I’m on Year 2 of my weekly new-to-me-recipe blog. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see your new recipes! You have some great cookbooks there. I think you should also try recipes from other blogs, some you already follow and some new ones as well. Maybe even add your own twist.


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