Makin’ our own pasta!

Hi everyone! I couldn’t wait to share with you our first attempt at homemade pasta! My husband and I took a pasta class a few weeks ago. Here is the link to our awesome experience with Cucina Cocina!

Since we had the benefit of not one, but two great teachers, we had to put our skills to the test and make our own! Plus we had to break in our awesome new pasta machine! The first step was putting together a mound of all-purpose flour, making a well in the center and adding some egg yolks. This takes skill people! SKILL!

I think we’re professionals now. (Haha!) Add a bit of oil…


Keep stirring until you have a nice ball of dough!

The dough has to sit in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes or so. While you’re waiting, go ahead and play with your food!

We made two batches of dough because we had to use one of them to “season” the pasta machine. You do this because there are metal flakes stuck between the rollers from the factory. You have to get them all out before you can use the machine for edible pasta. Trust me, it was GROSS and there are no pictures! Needless to say, that batch of dough went straight into the trash. After that, we were floured up and ready to go! Rolling it through the flat rollers several times to get it smooth…

Then, we adjusted the machine to make the dough thinner…

It went through the cutting rollers next and look what came out! SPAGHETTI! Holy Tomato Sauce! We did it! It looked good too!

And now a close up… because you know how much I love getting up close and personal with my food! 🙂

A few minutes – literally – in boiling water and dinner was ready!

If you’ve never made your own pasta before, I HIGHLY recommend you try! It’s simple to do and tastes much fresher than anything you’ll get from a .99 cent box of pasta. We had ours with meat sauce, but I made a vegetarian sauce for our daughter too.

It took less than an hour, start to finish! Plus, it was fun to make dinner together (hence the love notes in the flour!)

Yes, that is my Mickey Mouse plate… don’t judge! I love fresh pasta AND Mickey Mouse!

You can use your own recipe, or a recipe from your favorite source. Ours was simple:

Two cups of flour – plus more for dusting the machine and the counter.
Four egg yolks
A bit of olive oil.

We used regular all-purpose flour, but again, you can use semolina, or double zero flour, whatever you like! Next up for us? Breaking in the Ravioli tray!

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  1. Color me impressed! I imagine the fresh pasta tastes awesome – but I will not be making it any time soon. Way too much work for me. 😉

  2. This was so cool to see! I’ve never actually seen how pasta was made. (Sad, I know.)

    Really enjoyed this!


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