Guest Post – Main Dish Monday! Taco Casserole!

Please welcome Alyssa from “Cooking From A SAHM” She’s sharing a fun Main Dish Monday recipe from her family kitchen!

Hello Everyone 🙂
I’m excited about this blog post 🙂 Before I tell you the story behind Taco Casserole, I’m going to give you a bit of information about me 🙂

My name is Alyssa, and I live in Massachusetts. I love it here and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I live with my husband Johnny and our two daughters Meghan(3) and Karina (1). We have a cat that is named Muffin. I am 27 years old and enjoy cooking and making food for my family. I am a full-time stay at home mom and enjoy every minute of it. Nothing more rewarding than having your kids come up to you and hug and kiss you. Growing up family dinners were important and some of my most fond memories are of my mom cooking supper. Now that I have a family of my own we sit down for family dinners and I cook every supper.

The recipe I’m giving is Taco Casserole. When I lived at home I started making this recipe, and my youngest brother loved it. He is in the Army now, with a family of his own, but I taught his wife to make it. Every time I make this recipe I think of my brother and family. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Taco Casserole

2 lbs of hamburger
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 Can of Hunts Spaghetti Sauce
1-16 oz sour cream
1 bag of Doritos( or you can use regular tortilla chips, or taco shells)
1 bag of Taco Cheese

Brown your hamburger, after its browned, mix in your taco seasoning and sauce. Mix it up. Then crush your chips and put a layer of chips on the bottom of your 9×13 or a smaller square dish. Spread a little bit of your hamburger mixture on top.. Take some sour cream and spread it over the hamburger. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Add cheese, then chips. Repeat mixture till you reach the top. Cover with cheese and bake at 350 till the cheese is bubbly.

If you like Alyssa’s post, check out her blog at Cooking From A SAHM or follow her on her Facebook page at:

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