L.A. Food Blogger Bake Sale!

Food Blogger Bake Sale

I’m so excited to be part of this amazing event! Share Our Strength and the No Kid Hungry Campaign are partnering with over 35 LA Food Bloggers for a bake sale next Saturday, April 28th!

Join me as we fight to end childhood hunger by 2015!

As a food blogger, we deal with food all the time. We’re forever on quests for new recipes and menus. We’re blessed to wonder if we’ve taken the perfect photograph of our food, snapped in the most mouth-watering position possible, so our readers will want to make it themselves. We do this daily, but imagine families whose biggest daily challenge is to find food in the first place. Imagine parents who wonder how they will feed their children. Imagine the hungry children who could reach their greatest potential in school and in life, if they were able to have just a portion of those dishes we dismiss as not photo or blog-worthy on a regular basis. Humbling, isn’t it? That’s why I want to help. That’s why I’ve signed the petition to be part of the change. That’s why I’m baking and hoping you will help too!

If you don’t live in Los Angeles (or you do, but can’t make it to the bake sale next weekend) please consider donating to Share Our Strength. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can end childhood hunger in this country. Don’t you think our children are worth it?

Want more info about the Bake Sale? Click on the picture above! I hope to see you there!

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