Follow That Chef – Annie Miller

This week, we met Chef Annie Miller of the Los Angeles restaurant “Clementine.” We got to follow her around the Santa Monica Farmers Market and meet more great vendors and farmers! Plus, we got to see fantastic, fresh, local produce. It doesn’t get better!

Chef Miller is hosting “Cheesemagedon” this month at her restaurant! I’m a sucker for grilled cheese and Chef Miller does NOT disappoint!
If you love grilled cheese and live in the area, you have to check out her menu!

We arrived back at The Gourmandise School to find bread and cheese waiting! Our own Cheesemagedon was about to begin!

See, I am not the only one who takes pictures during the demo portion of our day! 🙂 Hahaha!

Chef Miller showed us many ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich. She had different breads, different ideas for fillings, different spreads and most important, different cheeses!

Everyone helped assemble parts of our side salad, and the fixings for the inside of our sandwiches! This is Joe and Marie! More on them later… 🙂

Chef Miller talked about different fillings we could use – mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, green onions and more!

After that, it was assembly time! We each got to make a grilled cheese sandwich filled with any thing we wanted! There were a lot of us and a lot of sandwiches. Chef Miller was so sweet and patient with all of us, answering questions as she grilled! Here’s how it looked!

Don’t forget we had salad too! Roasted beets, spinach, avocado, oranges and a light dressing! So delicious!

What’s better than one grilled cheese sandwich? FOUR grilled cheese sandwiches to share with your foodie friends! My FFF Marie and our co-worker Joe (whom we dragged along with us – Ok, Ok, we made him drive!) each made a sandwich with different fillings and then cut them up so we could each have a bite.

A close up of cheesy goodness…

Again, I have to thank The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories for putting this series together! We have such a wonderful time getting to know these Chef’s, getting to know the other foodies who show up every time like we do! Getting to know the farmers and supporting local growers, plus the added benefit of hanging out at the beach all day… and who can resist that? 🙂

Looking forward to next time, so we can learn more from the next Chef!!

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  1. I love a meal made of 1-2 bites of lots of different things. I think you approached the meal sharing idea just right! 🙂


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