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Not such a great experience…

Normally, I don’t do things like this. My Momma taught me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Aside from the “class which shall not be named” I haven’t blogged about bad cooking classes or demos. Tonight, I was treated like a pesky stupid bug who should have known better and I don’t think anyone should be treated that way. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Tonight we went to a cooking class. When we arrived, we were told class had been cancelled “several months ago.” This is the second time that’s happened without any notice.

The first time, no one was there and the doors were locked. The parking lot was empty and when I called, it took several days for someone to get back to me and explain there had been a family emergency. Apparently, everyone had been contacted to let them know class was cancelled. Obviously, not everyone, but a family emergency is understandable. Life happens right? This is an Imperfect Kitchen and heaven knows we understand mistakes! We were not mad and were promised a free class for our inconvenience. We haven’t been able to re-schedule a date and time to do that, but in February we saw Groupons and purchased them thinking it would be fun to have several classes lined up at this place. After all, it’s a bit closer than our usual trek into Los Angeles and the one class we were actually able to attend last year had been fun.

Tonight when we arrived, there were people there. The kitchen smelled fantastic and everything was laid out beautifully! We were excited for what looked like a fun class. The Chef/Owner asked if we were there for class. When we said yes, she explained class had been cancelled “several months ago.” She questioned who we had made reservations with (her). She said our class was held the day before and everyone knew about it. Again, everyone except us! I think our e-mail address and phone numbers must be invisible in her computer… Tonight she was hosting a “private event” for a major soda company and people were flying in just to see her. I suppose we should have been impressed…but her tone was so condescending that we weren’t. We were upset. No one told us class was cancelled. The Chef offered us to let us take the same class on Saturday, but we’d need to let her know right away if we’d be attending because the class was filling up quickly….Really? Apparently they have bigger and better groups to take care of instead of fixing a mistake for a customer. My work schedule doesn’t let me come back on Saturday and it’s a “date night” class anyway. I love my FFF, but I don’t think we’d be comfortable in a Date Night class together. The Chef apologized and offered us a free class again, you know, for our trouble. Since we were supposed to be cooking, she offered us a small snack to take with us on our way out. On. Our. Way. Out! Talk about feeling shoved out the door! This was not our mistake. We didn’t forget to check the class list to make sure everyone knew class was cancelled. If class was last night, don’t you think you’d check the class list and perhaps contact the people who didn’t show up last night? You know just in case they showed up tonight instead? Even their web-site has a “hands-on” class listed for tonight because I checked it this morning for the menu and what time we had to be there. I hope the soda people enjoyed their time with her because we won’t be going back again. Ever.

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