Meet a Blogger Monday – on a Tuesday – and shared on a Wednesday!

Hi Foodie Friends!

I have to share with you my Imperfect blunder of the week. The delightful If It Bakes You Happy blog page, written by the wonderful (and ever patient and understanding Amber) hosts a series called “Meet A Blogger Monday!”

Amber interviews bloggers every week and posts their responses, along with a recipe. What a fabulous opportunity to share and get to know some of your favorite bloggers! This week I was blessed to be the blogger she interviewed. (Thanks AMBER! xoxox) Except, in grand “Imperfect Kitchen” style, I forgot to return Ambers questions and a recipe in time for her Monday deadline. Between work and life, I plumb forgot. (Do you like how I threw in a food reference to detract from my being an idiot? Plumb – plum. Haha!) Hence, her “Meet a Blogger Monday – On A Tuesday!”

Amber asked if she could use the picture of me with Guy Fieri (OF COURSE!) and I was at work yesterday and didn’t respond until today (She did it anyway, bless her heart!) so I feel like an even bigger idiot! YEESH! Thankfully, you all know it’s an Imperfect Kitchen, with an imperfect person behind the keyboard. (And I love you for that!)

Seriously, you should all check out Ambers blog “If It Bakes You Happy!” Not just because my interview is there, but because Amber is a peach 🙂 and she’s got a sweetheart of a blog!

Till next time my Foodie Friends!

xoxox ~ Sara

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