Comparisons are odious!

I am in a sad, blue funk today.

I have brilliant, exciting ideas for my blog and there are so many things I want to share with you, I don’t know where to begin!!!!

What am I doing instead of furiously typing away, learning formatting, finding widgets and getting networked? I’m letting that little voice in my head say “You’re no good” and “Look at all these people with better blogs! Why do you even bother?” and “Their pictures are awesome! Too bad your little iPhone can’t match that!” It’s very discouraging! Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves with others?

Well, forget that! Little voice, you are FIRED!! Comparisons are odious!

It’s a little over a month away from my one year blogiversary! I’m making changes and following my heart. After all, life isn’t perfect and neither is my kitchen. I guess if you read the title of this blog, you’d know that already. 🙂

Maybe I can’t dedicate the same amount of time as other bloggers. That’s ok! Our lives are different. I can’t feel guilty about that! (Ohhhh but I do! Darn little voice, I said you are FIRED! Go away!!)

Perhaps I’m not the most tech-savvy person on the planet, but that’s ok too. I can learn.

Sure, I don’t have a fancy camera or a light box or a gazillion props to go with my food photos. My family will tell you that I’m seriously working on the prop thing though! LOL!

Do you know what else I have? I have ME! I’m not perfect, but some days I’m pretty awesome. I have an iPhone I LOVE and it takes damn good pictures. Over the last year I have learned SO MUCH and been SO BLESSED to meet some incredible people! I’ve had adventures in cooking classes, demos, events and auditions! My kitchen skills, while not perfect, can only get better!

So pardon me while I kick this evil little voice to the curb and tell him to SHUT UP! I’m heading out to fix my glasses, get some cabbage for a recipe I want to share with you next week and ENJOY my day!

What about you? What comparisons do you struggle with?

Till next time foodie friends!

xoxox ~ Sara

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  1. Congrats on your almost-one-year blogoversary! You have a LOT to offer. If every blog was the same, how boring that would be. Just as there are varieties in humans, so too does there need to be variety in blogs. You fill a niche no one else can address – so keep cooking, snapping (pictures), writing, and posting, for as long as it stays fun. 🙂

    • Thank you Stef! I always think of you when I get down about my blog and recall your wonderful advice. Write because *I* want to write and because it’s fun. Not to blog for any other reason. At the end of the day, I still have to be accountable to ME. xoxox

      • I love it! 🙂 And I’m flattered and honored that you think of me from time to time. Truly.

        • How could I NOT think of you? You were always so kind and exchanged Emails with me when I had questions. You were a wonderful introduction to this crazy blogging world! I appreciated it so very much!!!

  2. I can totally relate! SO depressing! But we are who we are and there will always be someone better than us, so as you said why bother! Do what you like and everything will be perfect 😛

  3. Darn that voice in your head! You are amazing, Sara. I struggle with the same comparisons with other blogs. I also struggle with comparing my weight loss with my husbands, when he is losing a few pounds a week and it has taken me a year to lose 4 pounds!


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