Foodie Pen Pals ~ July

It’s the end of the month! You know what that means!!


This month my FABULOUS foodie pen-pal was Amy! Amy lives in a small town in Central California. As a kid, we would drive through her town on our way to my Grandma’s house! It was awesome to know exactly where she lives, because I’ve been there before!

Amy and I exchanged a few emails, sharing a little about our lives but OH.MY.GOSH. Amy completely customized her box. Wait until you see what she sent! Poor Amy said she was nervous because she’d get a “reveal post.” She had NOTHING to worry about! (I hope it doesn’t disappoint you, Amy!) I was completely blown away by the things she sent. I am not kidding, I cried! Then, I called my best foodie friend to tell her all about Amy’s sweet note and all the goodies inside her box.

It’s been all I could do to NOT share RIGHT AWAY! I’m terrible at keeping secrets, but those are the rules! Instead of being a blabber-mouth blogger (yea, minus the one phone call), I decided to cook my way through Amy’s box! Hey, it’s what I do right? A girl has to cook! 🙂 You’ve already seen a few of the goodies Amy sent. Now you know the real source: MY AMAZING FOODIE PEN PAL!!

As Amy wrote on the outside of her box: “If it fits, it ships!” and she made quite a bit fit into one little box!

Check it out: Two different olive oil blends from the town my Dad grew up in: Modesto, California! A bottle of Lemon Olive Oil because there are “lots of lemon recipes on my blog!”

Semolina flour for making pasta! We had such a great time at our pasta class and LOVE making our own pasta and ravioli. This is an AWESOME addition to my pantry! Amy really did her homework on me!

Pumpkin Risotto and Wild Rice! “A baby step on my make risotto mission!” Wild Rice is on our menu this week, so you’ll be seeing that very soon!

Spring Roll Wrappers – because Amy tried the recipe for the ones I posted after our first Raw Class! I LOVE fresh Spring Rolls.

Chicken base! Every good recipe needs a good foundation, right? I don’t know what this will turn into, but I am sure it will be delicious!

Two beautiful dish towels (red, like my hair!!), pie pop molds, a Cutie Pies cookbook and Pie Pop sticks! That’s right, Pie Pops! So excited to make these!! I’ve already made the Peach-Honey-Ricotta Cutie Pies from this cookbook and next up, are the POPS!

Not only did Amy send all this amazing stuff, she also autographed the Cutie Pie Cookbook! Is she sweet, or what? Another cookbook added to my “autograph” collection!

One of the “requirements” for Foodie Pen Pals is to include something hand-written. Amy’s note was two sides. She explained everything in her box and why she’d included it, based off my blog posts. I have used her note a bookmark in my cookbooks this month. It truly was humbling to know someone took put so much thoughtful consideration into what they sent and made it so uniquely ME.

Amy, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. This was a rough month for me and your box was a beacon of light!

Want to have your own foodie pen pal? Follow this link to get more info: Foodie Pen Pal Program

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  1. Wow, all of the items she included sound great! I’m from central California too! I grew up in Manteca and then 3 years ago moved down to SoCal…but all my family is still there and I go visit all the time! It’s rare to hear of another central valley-er. 🙂

  2. Wow!! It’s amazing how food can bring people together..and bring you to tears! It truly is a lovely package!!


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