Sundays With Joy – Perfect Hot Chocolate!

It’s cold, gray and overcast. My husband put up Christmas lights in the soft drizzle falling outside. We decorated our Christmas tree. Holiday music is playing quietly in the background of our day. It’s the perfect time for a cup of piping hot chocolate! Warm milk, melted chocolate and a dash of espresso powder all came together for this sweet afternoon treat!

Perfect Hot Chocolate!

Joy’s recipe makes Hot Chocolate for two. I love that I can dig into the pantry and come out with leftover chocolates to melt together for a quick cup of delicious goodness to share with my sweetheart.

This morning I made a batch of homemade Honey Marshmallows and they were a perfect addition to our Hot Chocolate!

With the recent shootings in Connecticut, our hearts are broken that many families won’t be celebrating this holiday with lights, trees and cups of perfect hot chocolate. To them, we send our condolences, prayers and love at this very difficult time.


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  1. That mug of hot chocolate is as adorable and heartwarming as its owner. I ❤ you AND your hot chocolate! 🙂


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