Cake In A Cup!

I have a secret. My food bloggers card may be revoked when I tell you. Then again, I might be your new hero!

I love cake! Oh wait. That’s not a secret.

I love things that are quick and easy! No… not a secret either.

I have boxed cake mix in my pantry. *GASP*

Now I know what you’re thinking. Food bloggers are supposed to make everything from scratch! They sit around fancy tables with gorgeous napkins and fine china, eating perfectly plated, gourmet food! (Remind me to take a wide shot of what my kitchen actually looks like when I’m taking food pictures! HA!) I’m here to tell you, that’s just not true. Of course, if you’ve been following along for a while, you already know my kitchen isn’t perfect so…

Not only do I have boxed cake mix in my pantry, I have two! Specifically, these two.

Cake Mix

My friend Laura is falling out of her chair right now, because I’ve made an Angel Food Cake for her birthday the past several years and she probably thinks it’s from one of these boxes. Hey! Now that I think about it, maybe my food bloggers card won’t be revoked after all! Laura, I promise, your cakes have never been from a box!

So why are they in my pantry? Is the secret really boxed cake mix? No. The secret is the magic that happens when you mix the two together! I keep this hidden for those moments when I want something sweet – just for me – and I want it RIGHT NOW. In less than two minutes, I can have a delicious, personal size, chocolate cake in a cup that satisfies the cravings and doesn’t leave me with a lot of extra cake in the house.

Here’s how it works: In a large ziplock bag, combine the two cake mixes together. Shake the bag until they are fully incorporated. In a microwaveable coffee mug, combine three tablespoons of the mix with two tablespoons of water. Nothing else, just water. Stir to combine. Put the mug in the microwave on high for one minute. THAT’S IT!


When it’s done, let it sit for a few minutes to cool. After that, you have your own individual “cup cake” to satisfy your sweet tooth. It looks a bit like a sponge but that’s ok!

If you want more chocolate, as soon as the cup comes out of the microwave, toss mini chocolate chips on top. They’ll melt a bit from the heat of the cake and it tastes almost like frosting!


So there it is. Cake in a cup using boxed cake mix. If you don’t like chocolate, you can use your favorite flavor box mix, but don’t substitute the Angel Food cake mix. You will have a lot of mix, so store it in the bag in the back of your pantry. It will be there for you when your own cake cravings hit.

Cake in a cup

Have fun with this! Just remember, it’s our secret!!

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  1. Audrey

     /  February 12, 2013

    I LOVE this mix!!! I used French Vanilla & Angel Food. So far I have added pumpkin spice for a Thanksgiving craving, and a handful of Coconut & a dash of almond extract for an Almond Joy type cake. Oh, used chocolate syrup as topping, YUMMMM!! Will be trying apple pie spices tomorrow with a apple cider syrup as topping. Will have to get chocolate cake mix next time!! 🙂

  2. How clever–makes me want to make up a batch and ship it to my brother in A’stan, but he probably doesn’t get cake cravings like I do.


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